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Domain & Website Hosting

A website is your way of showing the world that you mean business. Let us get you started on your journey to success with a great domain name and hosting account.


Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is changing the way that small business and enterprise-level do business. The Internet of Things has forever elevated email into a piece in an expanded collaboration toolbox.


Add-ons for Microsoft Office 365

Why not enhanced your email  account with productivity tools that such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint for you laptop and smart devices.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange


Microsoft Exchange just got more accessible with Microsoft's deploying Exchange in the cloud. Now businesses of any size can use Exchange as the building foundation for communicating internal users and external clients.

Add-ons for Hosted Exchange

Now you can combine the power of Office 365 and Exchange Online to form a toolbox capable of reaching the clients in a way that they prefer.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange with Office 365 Apps

Office Apps with Exchange is where the magic of office 365 and Microsoft Exchange starts to shine. Email plus productivity tools make for a fantastic experience when it comes to collaborating with clients. Give the gift of enjoying your expertise and services through using this add-on to Microsoft  Exchange. 

Hosted Microsoft SharePoint

Sharepoint is a fantastic way for employees to share files in a secure and authorised manner. Companies the world over have come to accept the indispensable features that SharePoint brings to the table for collaborating and version control of documents.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft has enhanced Microsoft CRM through introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365  which can be downloaded and installed on your laptop or workstation.

Skype for Business Conferencing

After acquiring skype and making upgrades to its ecosystem, Skype has grown into an excellent business conferencing tool. Discover its power to help you drive business.

Performance Cloud Servers

Expand your ability to deploy servers when you need them, performance cloud servers allows for the instant deployment of Windows and Linux  Virtual Machines so as to meet the demands of a changing workplace.

Performance Cloud Databases

Performance Cloud Database was built to help businesses who desire to have multiple databases working either as standalone or as one unit to produce instant data result for an ever-changing marketplace. Whether you are an app development, big data company or marketing firm; we got you covered 

Disaster Recovery Options

An essential part of business strategy is the ability of a business to survive catastrophic interruption to its business services and the speed at which it can restore core business services in the shortest time period possible.

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PVBitsTech has been fantastic in helping me to move from Microsoft Exchange 2007 to Exchange Online. We have managed to cost some of our overall costs related to managing our email services
Thomas HarrisDirector of IT Services
Knowing that PVBitsTech works with Sherweb, a major Microsoft partner, gave me the push I need to sample some of their services. I signed up for a free 21-day trial period, using their Cumulus platform; I can deploy different services and apps to test how I would it. I was very impressed with the ease of use that PVBitsTech allows for our organization.
Nathan LeblancIT Director