Service Delivery – How We Provide Services To Our Clients

How We Provide Services To Our Clients

Stage 1: Client Education
  • Conference call, emails exchanged and Whitepapers about our services.

Stage 2: Client Services Engagement 
  • We allow clients interested in trying our services to try services free for 30 days before we  continue with the next stage
  • We use Cumulus Platform by Sherweb as our deployment platform for deploying all services

Stage 3: On-Boarding Process
  • We complete the process by fully establishing the business services through obtaining a credit card to billed for the services on a monthly basis.

All our services are hosted with SherWeb inc. in Quebec, Canada 
  • To learn more about SherWeb, please visit here -
    • Cumulus Platform by SherWeb - click here
    • Performance Cloud Servers - click here
  • SherWeb is located in Quebec, Canada
  • Microsoft has recently established data centers in Canada to ensure that data  is created in Canada, stays in Canada.